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CNCO – Beso (Video Oficial)

Uno de los pilares de la revolución tecnológica que se inició en los años setenta fue el desarrollo de Internet. Esta red ha evolucionado de tal manera que ahora forma una estructura compleja que cambió radicalmente la dinámica social y económica a …

Elena García Castillo,1- 4 Tamara Alonso Pérez,1- 4 Adrián Peláez,1- 3 Patricia Pérez González,1,2,4 Joan B Soriano,1- 3 Julio Ancochea1- 4 1Servicio de Neumología, Hospital Universitario La Princesa, Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Princesa, Mad…

Resumen El comercio organiza la ciudad desde la sedentarización del intercambio. El paisaje comercial favorece la legibilidad de la ciudad y un ambiente urbano saludable. Este estudio forma parte de una investigación sobre la transformación reciente de…

Partiendo de la relación entre el urbanismo y la gestión de la movilidad, TeMA ha ido ampliando la visión de los temas tratados, siempre siguiendo un riguroso análisis científico en profundidad. Esta sección de la Revista, Notas de Revisión, es la expre…

Kent Hovind – Seminar 4 – Lies in the textbooks [MULTISUBS].

C.Tangana looks happy, satisfied. The reason for this good energy is that minutes before the interview he finished the rehearsal that had as objective to give «some touches» to the show that he will present in Latin America during this month. The framework is his «Sin Cantar Ni Afinar Tour», which has been sold out for months in most of the venues. As we talk, he holds up his cell phone and paces from side to side in the rehearsal room courtyard.

Happy with the visual aspect of the concert, C.Tangana anticipates that it will be like a kind of play, the shooting of a movie or video clip. He says that this is one of the aspects of the show that he is most proud of, because it gives it a different and very exciting character.

The presence of his referents can be seen in lyrics such as «Nunca estoy». When he released the single in 2020, he included the art of Alejandro Sanz when singing «Y quién me va curar el corazón partío», and that of Rosario Flores in «Cómo quieres que te quiera si no estás aquí».

FEMY Latina singer from Spain at Latin Awards USA

Throughout her career, Rosario has won two Latin Grammy Awards, both in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Album, for Muchas Flores (2002) and De mil colores (2004). In 2002 she had a role in Pedro Almodovar’s film Hable con ella, showing her versatility as an artist.

Nowadays there are a lot of artists. But admire, admire, admire? I admire Stevie Wonder, the older people who have been around for a long time, who have shown us that they are worth a lot, and that they have a lot of art. Of the new ones, I like everything that comes along that inspires me, or that I can be an inspiration for them.

I have Fernando Illán, who is my right-hand man and who is my lifelong producer. And then we co-produce with other producers like Juan Magán, and with programmers as well. I am open to everything. Artists get together with people who enrich us, welcome. If it’s to evolve and change, I think that’s very valuable.

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The place will be divided into four parts: museum and restaurant, theater, nightclub and studios, but that’s not all, because inside we can find 6 recording studios, rehearsal room, photography and video set, composition rooms, concert hall and much more.

This new project seeks to forget the traditional concept of office with an intelligent building that works through an app that will allow to control the entrances, lockers, parking… In addition, it will no longer have the hours from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm typical of any workplace, as it will be open 24/7 for artists who want to attend.

They will also have composition rooms, rehearsal rooms, photo sets, video and concert hall promoting live events and will be able to receive 1898 people if it is a concert and 1091 if it is adapted to theater, which gives great capacity to organize events for everyone to enjoy.

Employees working in these spaces will have a multitude of meeting rooms, offices, creative rooms, amphitheaters, or call booths. Everything to make them feel comfortable and work as if they were at home. In addition to this, there will also be spaces for both as terraces, showers, lockers or bike parking.