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AnswerThe verbs are in the present subjunctive, and express an indefinite antecedent. The verbs could also be in the present indicative:La tierra es nuestra y no del que tiene má las manos son nuestrases nuestroes lo que nos dan.The difference between the subjunctive and indicative sentences is very subtle and can be difficult to understand for a non-native speaker. The difference is that in the indicative sentence, you are referring to someone or something known and specific, while in the subjunctive sentence the person or thing being referred to is not specifically defined (it is an indefinite antecedent).Notes 2: The subjunctive to talk about an indefinite antecedentIt is used in the indicative when referring to a person, place or thing that has the characteristic being mentioned.I know a guy who speaks Japanese. I have rented an apartment that has a lot of light.(= a particular boy who speaks Japanese) (= a specific apartment with a lot of light)The subjunctive is used when it is about any person, place or thing that can have the characteristic mentioned.Do you know any person who speaks Japanese? I want a house that has a lot of light.(= anyone who can speak Japanese) (= any house as long as it is bright)Step 4Now look at the pairs of sentences below and think about what the difference is between the two sentences in each pair and what the context might be for each.

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The first time Craig David heard Adele singing Skyfall, he couldn’t hold back the tears. «I cried,» admitted the star of the 23rd James Bond film. Although initially unconvinced, the London artist finally took on the film’s central theme and achieved the never-before-seen. For the first time, a song from the famous British saga won an Oscar, as well as a Golden Globe or a Brit Award, among many other awards. Skyfall was released on October 5, 2012, just the day that marked the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Dr. No, the first chapter of the longest-running series in the history of cinema.

They met with her and proposed it to her. But at first, she wasn’t at all thrilled with the idea: «I was a little reluctant,» she admitted. She thought she wasn’t the person they were looking for. «My songs are personal, I write from the heart,» she objected. «I write songs about myself, how can I do a ‘Bond’ song?». But the film’s director, Sam Mendes, was not deterred. He didn’t see that as a problem: «Then write a personal song!». Nobody does it better by Carly Simon (The Spy Who Loved Me) was a love song.» Adele went further and insisted that she wanted to read the entire script before writing a single word. She left the meeting with the Skyfall script in hand.

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Lazcano Malo can be considered, as he himself has mentioned, as the creator of the bastard song, since his musical style is the son of trova and rock and roll, «but neither of them recognize it».

He writes his first song to his first girlfriend, who asks him to record it on the answering machine of the phone because he had nowhere to record it. The next day they ended their relationship and he never heard of that song again.

Although it has come out of his own mouth: «I am not a good actor», nor will I be, but because I am too lazy to dedicate myself to something else, I continue to make a fool of myself (now in the Voice of Mexico), thanks to the musical concept that he handles with sarcastic tones, Lazcano Malo managed to break into the world of acting and had a prime time comedy show on Channel 2 of Televisa (Canal de las Estrellas) called «Los Perplejos» alongside Carmen Salinas, which has allowed him to share the stage with actors of the stature of Javier Lopez «Chabelo», Pompin Iglesias (e. p.d.), Eugenio Derbez, Adal Ramones, Maribel Guardia, among others.

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In the parliamentary elections of 1989, he was a candidate for deputy representing the Humanist Party for District No. 52, when he obtained 6.19% of the votes [3], which did not allow him to be elected.

The work of parliamentarians, as part of their legislative, oversight and representative functions, is expressed in their various participations through interventions in the Chamber, presentation of indications, petitions, official requests, tributes and presentation of motions, draft agreements or resolutions.

↑ Note: In accordance with Law No. 21,136, published on January 30, 2019, which requires that the promulgatory decree of the law contains the name of the authors of the bill, the Library of the National Congress of Chile makes available those motions of its authorship that culminated their processing into law. Available at: